PIERLITE MOÇAMBIQUE, Lda. is an ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certified Mozambican company, specialized in the production and assembly of lighting products.

Our plant was built in the Beluluane Industrial Park and began production in January 2004.

The technology used in the manufacturing of our products standardised throughout the Pierlite Group of companies all over the world.

Our production and assembly capabilities cater for the most diverse lighting requirements.

We have products designed for all types of applications, from commercial, residential, industrial, public lighting, hospitals, schools, roads, mining, etc.

Our lighting solutions promote energy efficiency utilising modern technologies.

Our locally manufactured products are manufactured according to quality international standards, designed to adapt and resist local and regional adverse conditions.

We invite our customers to visit our offices / factory in the Beluluane Industrial Park, part 138/4500, where part of our products can be viewed and tested.